Our Story
We have been raising meat goats in Southern Wisconsin for over 10 years.
We started with Boers, and loved them, but the normal issues with the breed, caused us to make some changes. 
We introduced Kikos to make our herd stonger to minimize the problem Boer have with parasites and hoof issues. Essentially we introduced Kikos to make our herd stonger.
 We have changed our focus and have now decided to move to fullblood kiko. We wanted to start with the best goats we could find. After researching we wanted to go after genetics that would give great growth and excellent paracite resistance.
We started by attending the cream of the crop sale 2015. We came home with 1 buckling and 1 doeling both from Goat hill kikos. Spring 2016 we added a buck with Iron horse and wild bill genetics. We expect to have Fullblood Kiko Bucks available spring of 2017 and Fullblood doelings by spring 2018.
 Please check out our reference sires page and check out the great genetics we have started our herd with.